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Virtual Festival of Life and Earth Science is an on-line event made for students, Ph.D. candidates, young researchers and popularizers of natural sciences for whom the costs of most of the scientific conventions are too high or who for different reasons can not travel abroad.

The virtual character of the conference allows presentation of your research in the form of video-presentation or poster and popularizers of science to broader audiences without expensive and time-consuming travel and extends the time for discussion between participants (up to 7 days!). You can connect whenever you want, wherever you are and reconcile the presentation of your research with work and other obligations.

The virtual conferences are practiced by prestigious institutions and lead scientists in their fields took part in such events.

Our events include virtual field trips and workshops for all participants.


Send us your abstract on your research or science-popularizaton!


Organization Committee

Virtual Festival of Life and Earth Sciences Organization Committee members are representatives and graduates of several Univerisities and Scientific Centres - active scientists and science popularizers:

NATURAL SCIENCES:                                                                                         

Mateusz Antczak, PhD,                                                                                        

Jan Król, PhD,

Tomasz Zgoła, PhD,

Monika Partyka, PhD

Kamil Gruntmejer, PhD,

Szymon Górnicki, MSc, science popularizer/palaeoartist,

Patryk Antczak, MSc, international tour leader


Kamil Kozakowski, PhD

Patryk Szaj, PhD

Marcin Czardybon, MSc

Beata Koper, PhD

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